The Man Determined to Connect Downtown to the Water: Sean Warner

Here’s the thing with the Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA), the private organization that has taken upon itself to do things that the City can’t or just won’t: you can have your issues with them but they are becoming an undeniable advocate for bicyclists and pedestrians in Downtown. The so-called issues some have with the DLBA range from the divisive PBID—detractors of the ordinance revolted against the controversial voting process—to the role the organization itself plays in the shaping of downtown—it is impossible for political conspiracy theorists to not want their heyday with a massively influential (and wealthy) organization. Have and say what you will in this regard but the DLBA’s continual focus on accessibility and their love of Downtown as a Downtown is unquestionable. Not only have they renamed their Capital Investment Projects Committee the Public Realm Committee, the organization’s intent on subsuming Downtown biking/ped culture is no clearer than when one speaks to their newly minted Placemaking Mangager, Sean Warner: “Bringing more parking downtown doesn’t bring people downtown,” Warner said. “It’s people on the streets that attract more people. And people, especially in Southern California, are beginning to realize this.” That is a sentiment that is more harnessed by … Continue reading The Man Determined to Connect Downtown to the Water: Sean Warner