We started with one simple question inspired by the happiness of the citizens in cities like Copenhagen, Auckland, Singapore, and Monterey: How do we create a better, healthier, more accessible, and more informed city?

This question led founder Baktaash Sorkhabi to launch Longbeachize as a home for the stories that celebrate the character of the physical environment in Long Beach and how this influences their quality of life.

It was then that Brian Addison was approached by the Southern California Streets Initiative to create a Long Beach-centric blog that would answer this question—and rather than creating a brand himself, he looked to re-stimulate the tiny endeavor known as Longbeachize into something bigger.

Since, Addison and Sorkhabi have turned Longbeachize into an award-winning blog that focuses on the culture and community of Long Beach, covering livability issues ranging from housing and transit to biking and urban design while showcasing the city's food scene, its leaders, and its communities.

"From urban infrastructure to public art and design, the stories told are meant to inform and engage the community on how we can make Long Beach a better city for everyone."

- Baktaash Sorkhabi, Founder
hi dan

Addison has received over ten LA Press Club Award nominations for both his writing and photography on Longbeachize, including winning Online Journalist of the Year in 2015 and Best Individual Blog in 2019. Also in 2019, his food writing—now on Longbeachize-has earned him the award for Food/Culture Critic of the Year at the National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards.

Additionally, his advocacy on Longbeachize has been recognized by the California Bicycle Coalition, which honored him with the inaugural Bicycle Dreamer Award in 2016.