Nationwide hard seltzer festival Seltzerland makes pitstop in Long Beach

Get your White Girl Drunk on with over 100 hard seltzer tastings as Seltzerland comes to Long Beach for the first time after birthing its fizzy baby earlier this summer.

by Brian Addison

There is something to be said about hard seltzer at this point and it goes beyond No Law with the Claw.

Hard seltzer is here to hang for a little while longer, offering an alternative to the carb-heavy beer but also I Wanna Drink All Day mentality—hell, even local breweries like Beachwood have hopped on the seltzer bandwagon since it is a market that is, by this point, unavoidable. Joining local breweries have been massive distilling brands like Hornitos and Jim Beam.

And with that, Seltzerland, having launched this past summer across 22 U.S. cities, is making a pitstop in Long Beach for its second run across the States.
Courtesy of Selzterland.

Guests will be able to taste over 100 hard seltzers, with $35 to $55 tickets being sold in 10 minute increments across four hours, 11AM to 3PM, on Saturday, February 5.

The venue? None other than Bixby Village Golf Course.

For tickets, click here.