Long Beach Food Scene Weekly Intel: JR's Pasta shutters while Little Coyote owners take step back, Gusto's parklet moves forward, more

Weekly Intel is a series that will recap food news throughout the city that isn't quite in need of a full feature but nonetheless worthy enough to let the community know about.

by Brian Addison

Here's what's going on in the Long Beach food scene:
  • JR's Pasta, the take-away pasta adventure from the owners of Little Coyote, has permanently shuttered while its owners, Jonathan Strader and Chef Jack Leahy, have taken a step back from the business. While Leahy clarified amid rumors that the pair is indeed directly involved, with Leahy at the Little Coyote space four to five days a week, both are no longer Long Beach residents. Strader and his family are moving to Portugal come December, with Leahy stating that Strader will return stateside to check in on the space every now and then. Leahy, meanwhile, has moved to DTLA and has told me he continues to "search for a space that is a full sit-down experience" with an Italian-American vibe. As for the pair's step back, Leahy noted that it was best to do so rather than "stepping on the toes of current management." Leahy said he will continue serving on “advisory and consulting terms.”

Photo by Heather Kern.

  • The Lomita-based Nook Breakfast Spot will be taking over the former GD Bro Burger spot in Signal Hill at 1798 E. Willow St. The spot is a straight-forward, breakfast-all-day joint that highlights the classics: From house-made biscuits and gravy to a seemingly endless variety of omelettes.

Egg Heaven's sign announcing their reopening. Photo by Brian Addison.

  • For those that missed my full feature, Egg Heaven is set to reopen after closing earlier this year. The space, which had been open for over half a century, is being brought back to life by two of its former employees, Esperanza Trejo and Rito García, both Mexican immigrants whose first jobs arriving in the States was at Egg Heaven. It's not just an awesome story, but one worth reading and sharing. Click here to read the full profile.

Work on Gusto's parklet continues. Photo by Brian Addison.

  • Gusto Bread's permanent parklet is moving forward and expected to open in the coming days, with a Spanish-style wall paired with tiling details that make for the perfect spot to enjoy the carby wonders of master bread maker Arturo Enciso.